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Mobile Reasoning Fact
Mobile Reasoning develops solutions with its DataSwarm and COMET products.

Transforming Complex Distributed Operations with Wireless Mobile Applications

Mobile Reasoning provides intelligent wireless mobile applications for improving the complex distributed operations of commercial and government organizations with real-time information sharing and collaboration. Complex distributed operations encompasses a variety of activities that organizations need performed away from their normal facilities, such as field service or public safety. A wireless mobile application assists mobile workers and managers in completing tasks or communicating with others while in the field from a wireless PDA, tablet, or laptop computer. Each wireless mobile application helps mobile workers and managers perform key functions and share their results with others, including management, execution, and tracking.

Eliminating Bottlenecks with Real-time Information Sharing and Collaboration

Complex distributed operations are often stalled when a mobile worker is waiting on information or a decision from someone else. Managers are often unable to intervene in a difficult situation before major delays occur because they are unaware of the problem. Mobile Reasoningís solutions are designed to improve the speed, responsiveness and efficiency of complex distributed operations by eliminating bottlenecks in the flow of information. Mobile Reasoning's solutions enable the real-time exchange of information between mobile workers, managers, and the staff that supports them. Real-time information sharing and collaboration provide information faster than waiting for email or phone calls to be returned. Better, faster access to information reduces unproductive time waiting for answers and minimizes the number of poor decisions that are made from a lack of information. Mobile workers are given real-time access to the information they need to move forward, and managers are given a real-time picture of their organizationís tasks so they can anticipate problems before they occur.