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Mobile Reasoning’s Professional Services staff has helped develop and integrate the wireless gateway servers at major wireless telecommunication providers which provide high-speed Internet access and services to more than 5 million customers.
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Mobile Reasoning’s Enterprise Services offerings are different than most other service providers because of our relentless focus on (1) solving the right problem with the right solution, (2) developing a realistic project approach, and (3) building solutions the right way to meet enterprise objectives, reduce risk, and improve long-term extensibility. We specialize and have considerable expertise in developing long-term, enterprise-class solutions that provide measurable strategic and operational business benefits.  Most uniquely, we leverage an agile development process and enterprise "best practices" architecture to rapidly and incrementally deliver usable enterprise capabilities throughout the project. Many other service providers simply focus on providing low-cost, less-skilled, off-shore staff, instead of results.

Solving the Right Problem with the Right Solution

Our teams can deliver dramatic strategic and operational business transformations because we leverage a comprehensive “clean slate” approach to (1) identifying our client’s key high-payoff business and technology problems and opportunities, and (2) formulating fast, effective, efficient, intelligent, and agile business processes and corresponding IT automation solutions that resolve problems and exploit opportunities.

Realistic Project Approach

We work with our clients to select the best “hybrid” solution of new and existing business processes and system capabilities from a continuum of options based on the client’s strategic, operational, budgetary, schedule, existing systems, technology, and other project constraints.  Other providers often start down a path that has no hope of meeting the client’s cost, schedule, or business objectives because of (1) a poor understanding of the problem, (2) an abstract solution that relies too much on too many new independent threads of development, (3) too much unidentified and unmanaged risk with system architecture, enterprise-class service requirements, software process management, and project management,  and (4) too much dependence on enhancing poorly architected and constructed existing systems.

Building Solutions the Right Way

Our teams plan the project with our clients and then develop an integrated solution consisting of a combination of new enterprise-class software applications, systems, and supporting infrastructure and the client’s existing technology assets. We leverage an enterprise “best practices” approach to designing, building, integrating, testing, deploying, managing, sustaining, and enhancing a complete, integrated IT solution.  Our best practices approach reduces cost, schedule, and project risk by building on proven infrastructure platforms, components, and services, whenever possible. Our agile software development processes let us define and deliver capabilities incrementally, which reduces risk, and gives our clients the ability to adapt the solution as more insight is gained throughout the project.

The Ultimate Difference

At Mobile Reasoning, we are relentless in our focus and pursuit of using technology to deliver significant, measurable strategic and operational business results, in both the short and long-term. Let us show you how we can help you use technology to solve your most challenging problem or capitalize on your biggest business opportunity.