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Mobile Reasoning Fact
Mobile Reasoning’s Professional Services staff has helped develop and integrate the wireless gateway servers at major wireless telecommunication providers which provide high-speed Internet access and services to more than 5 million customers.

DataSwarm® Wireless Mobile Application Platform

DataSwarm is a next-generation wireless mobile application platform for developing secure, real-time, low-bandwidth, collaborative, data-centric applications for dismounted users performing net-centric operations on the tactical edge.  DataSwarm gives dismounted users the ability to collect, share, and visualize geospatially and temporally-referenced tactical edge information, (2) collaborate with others, and (3) receive indications, warnings, and alerts on a handheld computing device in real-time while conducting day-to-day operations.

DataSwarm is uniquely designed to support dismounted operations in the harshest operating environments.  DataSwarm has finger touch-control user interfaces so users can interact with applications while standing without using a stylus. DataSwarm also has its own specialized information exchange mechanism that reduces the amount of data moved across a network, so applications are still responsive over existing low-bandwidth, intermittently-connected communications networks. DataSwarm securely store data locally on the user’s computing device, so applications can still function when a wireless network connection is lost. When a network connection is reestablished, DataSwarm automatically delivers the user’s changes to the server and retrieves any updates being held for the user.